Focused In Portugal  Sana Hotels. From minimalist and elegant hotel accommodation to luxurious and upper ground experiences. We aim to bring you unforgettable moments by providing quality and relaxing accommodation that exceeds all your expectations. Guiding principles Product excellence: A family of hotels with classy design and thoughtful details. And have we mentioned the food? Yes, it’s delicious. We always strive to ensure the highest quality. Premium Customer Service: Amazing, friendly and personalized hospitality. Our daily mission: to always provide you with exceptional service and a memorable experience. You can then reward us with the best of gifts: your return. Building the best teams: SANA Hotels is always on the lookout for talented professionals. We nurture them and help them evolve. This provides both individual and collective well-being. SANA Hotels offers special conditions for companies - if you need to make regular reservations and you would like to find out about the special conditions we offer to companies, or if you need any other information, please contact us Edifício Myriad Crystal Center Cais das Naus, Lote 2.15.02 1990-173 Lisboa, Portugal.

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