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4. Social media

It goes without saying that social media is one of the most important channels for marketing for many segments. Social media is a way to create dialogue, especially with millennials who love to share news about themselves online. Some of the top social media platforms are Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Hoteliers can engage with their target audience on any of these, especially Facebook, as it is a two-way communication channel. Many hotels chains have accounts/pages on social channels where the guests can post videos and travel pictures with the ‘best moment at the hotel’. This will make sure that hotel owners are engaging enough with their guests. With a good experience and service that the guest gets at the hotel, they build sort of affinity with the brand. Social media is an incredible way to encourage interaction with past, current and future visitors. Moreso, it is a tool that helps humanize your business so that you can easily relate to your customers, their likes, dislikes and pain points.